National Museum of Natural History event

Most people who visit the National Museum of Natural History get a wonderful view of the Museum’s iconic African Elephant that guards the Rotunda, and is affectionately known as Henry. Well, one of DE’s clients got to see Henry and all of his other stuffed friends in a whole new way during an evening reception in early August 2016.

DE along with our partners transformed Henry’s Rotunda home with gel lighting from above, cascading dramatic shadows and highlights throughout the Rotunda. The linens for the high-boy and round tables perfectly matched the theme of being on an African grassland. The grain and vegetable inspired buffet rounded out the grassland theme.

The well matched themes continued throughout the museum with a hearty meat buffet in the Mammal section, seafood in the Oceans exhibit, and delicate desserts in the Gem stone display. Each exhibition hall was provided with floral and linen choices to compliment.

Our guests were able to travel the world within the walls of NMNH all while enjoying good food, great entertainment, flowing drinks, and amazing company.

An elephant sized thank you to all our partners and staff that help to create such a wonderful evening. And thank you to Henry for welcoming us into his home!

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Photos by: GF Photography 

Glen Fuhrmeister, Account Manager


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